Custom Extensions

UFED Python Skripts, AXIOM Custom Artifacts and Standalone Scripts

Many mobile forensics toolkits provide interfaces for extending functionality, typically based on Python, IronPython, or XML. However, these extensions are usually complex to produce and require appropriate knowledge and time. T3K-Forensics has a lot of experience in developing extensions and programs for everyday use with these toolkits.

On request, we will gladly produce Python scripts or XML masks for UFED Physical Analyzer, Custom Artifacts for Magnet AXIOM and other toolkits.

We also pass on our knowledge in our course “Python Programming for Forensics Professionals”. More information can be found on our training homepage.

Extensions On Demand

You want to to decode and extract data from a particular app (for example, location data and timestamps of a regional public transport app) in a recurring and automated way? Then contact us for a customized solution as UFED Python Script, Magnet AXIOM Custom Atrifact or as a stand-alone program.

Contact us for an offer!