Security checks at the border, at the airport and mobile

Extraction analysis – report mobile devices in 30 minutes

T3K-Forensics has developed an Analytics platform, which allows to automate the extraction of smartphones by means of metrics in the shortest possible time.

Areas of application may be: rapid checks for suspected terrorism or suspected child abuse and others.

T3K-Analytics does not replace any mobile forensic special tests, but allows a simple, automated and standardized analysis process, which can also be carried out by non-technical personnel. By means of the process automation, a comprehensive, sampling-type verification measure is carried out e.g. at the airport within 30 minutes.

Advantages from the authorities’ point of view:

  • Simple and standardized process, which can also be carried out by non-technical personnel
  • Process automation allows comprehensive verification
  • T3K Analytics reduces residue and replaces manual processes
    • Functions that are not manually or difficult to perform: image recognition, speech recognition
  • Focus of mobile forensics experts on important, eye-catching cases
  • Reduction of costs through early intervention

A specific project of T3K-Forensics is IIA – Immigration Identification Analytics.