Public Prosecutors

Services for Public Prosecutors

T3K-Forensics supports public prosecutors and courts in ensuring, analyzing, processing and utilizing digital evidence. We have special knowledge in the areas of “access to encrypted / blocked content” and “recovery / readability of deleted data” in the areas of IT forensics as well as mobile forensics.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We will gladly inform you about possibilities and prospects of success without obligation. Our possibilities for securing cloud forensics data are unique in Austria. Further information is not public and can be found in the download area or by contacting us directly.

Mobile- & Cloud Forensics

Securing and evaluating smartphones, tablets and cloud data.


Identification, securing, analysis, preparation and documentation of evidence on data carriers

Mobile Security

Identify and defend the threats of mobile devices

Forensics Trainings

Mobile Forensics Trainings & Workshops for authorities in the European area

Unlocking & Decryption

Breaking through screenlocks and encryption of mobile devices

Our Expertise

Analysis, preparation and judicial use of digital evidence