Data storage

Data storage

We have state-of-the-art IT equipment: Forensic hardware for stationary and mobile use (on-site backup),  Forensic analysis software (eg the provider X-Ways, Passware, Cellebrite) as well as computers with computing power,  which, depending on the complexity of the encryption, allow up to 100 million password queries per second.

For example, a company is looking for a document that contains certain information. T3K-Forensics has the possibility to find the requested document in a triage already at the first sighting. The device in question is targeted in a matter of minutes. This service is unique in Austria.


Forensic investigations are often confronted with huge amounts of data. Usually only small fractions contain the information which is really important.

Finding out exactly where these are located is a major challenge – especially when there are many devices that have to be secured and searched.

Triage systems like “Detego Triage” can support this search. Triage refers to a method of prioritizing at unexpectedly high volume and limited resources for processing. For the forensic, this means that a triage system can use a predefined parameter to provide a decision-making aid when a device is first viewed, whether a device has to be further processed, or whether there is no indication of what is being sought.

Mobile- & Cloud Forensics

Sicherstellung und Auswertung von Smartphones, Tablets und Cloud-Daten.


Identifizierung, Sicherstellung, Analyse, Aufbereitung und Dokumentation von Beweisen auf Datenträgern

Mobile Security

Bedrohungen mobiler Geräte erfolgreich erkennen und abwehren

Forensics Trainings

Mobile Forensics Trainings & Workshops für Behörden im europäischen Raum

Unlocking & Decryption

Durchbrechen von Sperrbildschirmen und Verschlüsselungen mobiler Geräte


Analyse, Aufbereitung und gerichtliche Verwertbarmachung digitaler Beweismittel