IT-Forensic Forum Day Oslo 20.06.2018

T3K-Forensics was happy to organise a day dedicated to IT- and Mobile Forensics with participants from various Norwegian Police Units. Along with our partners ElcomSoft and Magnet Forensics, we discussed developments in the field.

Upload: 28.06.2018

Following presentations are available for download:

“Forensic Image Clustering and Analytics”

by Richard Köwer

“AXIOM as a cross-platform tool”

by Marc Lees, Martin Barrow

“Extracting more evidence from iOS devices”

by Oleg Afonin, Andrey Malyshev

T3K-Forensics Training Program 2018

T3K-Forensics offers a variety of trainings in the field of Mobile Forensics. Our training plan contains and integrates the most important and most relevant topics.

Upload: 27.06.2018